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10 Good Reasons to partner with AR-Code

AR-Code is the innovative mobile cross-media application that aims to turn any piece of print media or physical item into an interactive and captivating experience enabling daily interaction between people and the real world.

img_reason_recognition 1. Fast Image Recognition

AR-Code technology recognizes any piece of printed media or physical object in a few seconds. Less time waiting means a better user experience and satisfaction.

img_reason_printing 2. Direct Printing

The user can choose his/her preferred categories in the AR-Code Store, download and print the associated AR-Coded images, then interact with them.

img_reason_time 3. Time Sensitive

AR-Code lets Partners update different contents throughout the day so people can experience unique situations anytime they activate the selected category.

img_reason_offline 4. Offline Usage

After downloading it from the AR-Code Store, the user will be able to interact offline with some of the digital contents whenever he/she wants.

img_reason_location 5. Market Based Content

AR-Code allows adding contents according to the country market and the communication timing, and offers interactions using the country language.

img_reason_library 6. Rich Actions Library

AR-Code offers interactive actions, that grab the user's attention, such as sliding images, interactive slide shows, multi level buttons and more.

img_reason_product 7. Product Configurator

AR-code lets the user interact with 360° models and select a range of patterns and colors in augmented reality through the product configurator module.

img_reason_video 8. Alpha Channel Video

AR-Code lets you insert augmented reality transparent videos with alpha channel that appear on the device screen overlaying physical objects.

img_reason_web 9. Web Service Events

AR-Code technology lets the user access web services enabled events with automatic updating of the contents thanks to a time sensitive algorithm.

img_reason_analytics 10. Analytics Dashboard

AR-Code lets the Partners know the augmented reality content performance through views, clicks and according to timing and user geolocalization.

Become a Partner

AR-Code lets companies push their messages into the real world and users interact with them wherever and whenever they want to. Through AR-Code images, products, brands, retail, events and much more are turned into an on-demand dynamic experience.

Are you a Brand?

Let your brand make a step beyond through Augmented Reality

Do you want to promote your product or service? Do you want to make your ATL advertising a cross media initiative or to give your product an interactive package? AR-Code offers you the opportunity to include your branded content in one of the AR-Code Store categories and make people interact with your brand through augmented reality.

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Are you an ADV Agency?

Let your creativity explore the potential of Augmented Reality

Do you want to be one of the few adv agencies that will beta-test the application and have the opportunity to present new distinctive creativity for mobile advertising to clients? AR-Code will make the platform available to a short range of adv agencies around the world. This will help AR-Code to evolve and selected agencies to offer an exclusive service to their clients.

Facilities to AVD are:
1. One year access to the Cloud Campaign Editor interface to makethe AR-Code by yourself using a Drag and Drop;
2. Price configurator to see the cost of each campaign that you are going to sell to your customer;
3. Private version of AR-Code to showcase unlimited demo proposals to your customer;
4. Access to pre-release versions of AR-Code months before they go live;
5. Private dashboard to have an overview of the campaigns' performance you sold;
6. Dedicated support team for any technical or commercial question.

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Are you a Press Group?

Let your printed contents be empowered by Augmented Reality

Do you want your magazine to be one of the few that will offer readers the chance to interact with prints in a completely new way? AR-Code will make the platform available for beta-testing to a short range of press groups around the world. Newspapers editors will be testing the chance to make words and images come to life with Augmented Reality contents and update them throughout the day and magazines will be enriched with powerful multimedia content.

Facilities to Editors are:
1. One year access to the Cloud Press Editor to make the AR-Code by yourself using a Drag and Drop interface and custom solution for fast and quick deployment on daily newspapers;
2. Flat Price for any added interaction to the magazine;
3. Private version of AR-Code to test the newspaper/magazine before going live;
4. Access to pre-release versions of AR-Code months before they go live:
5. Private dashboard for an overview of the interactive newspaper/magazine performance;
6. Dedicated support team for any technical or commercial question.

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Are you a Content Provider?

Let your contents be ubiquitous through Augmented Reality

Do you or your company own the rights of an image database of any size? AR-Code can add it to the AR-Code Store, to let users get services and contents just pointing the device to your images wherever they are in the real world, for free, or in revenue sharing with us.

Contact us, send us a description of your library and we will work in partnership with you to spread your content with the AR-Coders community.

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Branded Apps powered by AR-Code


ANCi Augmented

"We launched the app during an international event to get people's engagement. It was a success: it made our shoes real and available even if they actually weren't physically on the stage."


I am Jeep Mobile

"For the first time a car company included a service based on Augmented Reality in its own branded application to push classic advertising campaigns using a new communication channel."


Candy + Reality

"The application helps us to engage clients, especially in retail touch-points, and make them aware of the capability of our new model dishwasher using an high-edge mobile technology made by Seac02."