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We take Augmented Reality to Another Level

AR-Code offers a comprehensive set of features that let you easily turn your daily life into an exciting Augmented Reality journey. Check out below and try the experience! Watch the video to know more!

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AR-Code App Features


Interact through your screen

Don't worry if you can't print. AR-Coded images are also activated through the screen of your tablet or PC. Open the AR-Coded Image file and point your mobile phone at the screen. Enjoy the experience!


Country based contents

Thanks to geolocalization, the AR-Code App recognizes contents according to the Country you are in, if there has been a geographical customization, and offer you interactions using the local language.


Print the AR-Coded Image

Choose the category you want in the AR-Code Store, download and print the AR-Coded Image associated to the topic, then interact with it whenever you want to.


Daily Interactions

After printing the AR-Coded Image related to the "powered by AR-Code" items, you will be able to return to the image and interact with it in a different way every day.


Enjoy the Interaction

Discover all the interactive possibilities when you slide over images, or by accessing multi layers events and more...


Share the App

Tell your friends and colleagues when you are using AR-Code through Facebook, Twitter and via email...


Offline Use

After downloading from AR-Code Store, you will be able to interact offline with some of the digital contents whenever you want to.


Keep it Updated

Remember to enable "notifications" in order to stay updated about new upcoming contents.


Share the Experience

Show the community how digital contents and reality match on your mobile phone using the AR-Code App through Facebook, Twitter and via email.


Organize AR-Code Store library

Select your preferred topics, let yourself be conquered by the latest or the most exclusive ones or use the "Search" function to find what you were looking for.